Sunday, 22 June 2014

Holiday Look #3 | Tropical Print

Holiday Look #3 is also an outfit from Primark .. .*I'm thinking I should just go ahead and rename the series: Under-budget Holiday Looks really* 

I love this skirt because it really can be worn for any occasion, all you need to do is switch up the accessories and you're ready for your Dinner date/a night out with the girls/shopping trip. 

The day I wore this we had booked ourself a tour of the city. After we visited the beautiful Gothic Quarter, we decided to go and search for a good place to have dinner. We finally settled on a restaurant that was unexpectedly fancy. I don't remember the name (it might have been called Amaya ..not sure) but although it had a great atmosphere and the staff were brilliant, the food was slightly overpriced.

Meh, #TouristProblems | Apparently Michael Douglas had eaten there at one point, so that upped the price of our slightly average meal about €15  

If I had known we were going out for a fancy dinner, I might have swapped my comfy sandals for these heeled red ones (shown below, also from Primark) and maybe also swapped the bag for a yellow or brown clutch.

Outfit #3 done! Hope you've liked this post and gone out and bought yourself an gorgeous 'all-rounder' skirt too. One more look left and then I'll be able to share something special with you ;)

Sid xx

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