Monday, 27 January 2014

Wardrobe Staple: The Parka Jacket

I'm thinking about making this 'Wardrobe Staples' type post into a series for the blog.
For me, there's a few style staples that every girl should purchase and keep in her wardrobe forever because they will seriously look good whenever with whatever you put it with.

I think the Parka Jacket is one of those items that never goes out of style and always looks great during Autumn/Winter. Especially in the UK, when its cold for the majority of the year.

Sidenote: Yep, there will be more selfies in the future. I'm in my awkward blogging stage right now. I'm still trying to figure out my lighting, camera positioning etc. 

Primark: Parka Jacket

H&M: leopard print pumps |  H&M: sheer top |  Primark: High-waisted black jeans

The selfie gave me the clearest shot of my outfit 

 I love Parkas. They look good on absolutely anyone, men or women.. slim or curvy. 
I wear this particular jacket almost everyday. I'm not usually one for fur, but I feel like the faux fur hood adds a little 'something' to the jacket and outfit.

If you want, you can share some of your own wardrobe staples in the comments section :) 
What are those items that you can't bring yourself to throw away?

Thanks for reading! 

Sid xx


  1. Hey Siju how are you. its Ben (buchi) and where have you been. Pls get back to me

    1. Hey, Im not to sure how to use Google+ but you should have a message from me. Thanks for getting in contact, speak soon x